Sunday, January 17, 2016

Reputation Menu in VBHH

This a picture of my newly designed and created Reputation Overlay Menu added to Very Bunny Haha. Which means that I have added the Reputations to the game. The idea is that you can earn Rep with various Characters within the game. Usually by completing a quest for a Character, but there will also be other ways to earn some Rep. Rep is good for stuff as well, from a discount from the Vendors to being allowed to buy special items if you have earned enough Rep.
So this picture shows the way I have the Rep Menu looking in game. The name of the Character followed by a display of the amount of Rep at your current Rep Level. Finally on the right there is the written name of the current Rep Level you are at. The Apple will be changed to a Heart very soon.
Following is a picture showing the code I wrote to accomplish adding the Reputation set up to the game.
In the code for the game I wanted an easy way to add the Reps for various characters easily. So I created a little Struct to use for this task. As you can see above I set up 3 characters currently for testing with. Then I simply repeat them a number of times to test the scrolling of the Rep list.

I am now in the process of adding the rest of the code to up your Rep with the characters... Hopefully in the next few days or so.

Rep is an exciting element for RPG players to earn, I know I love to earn Rep where I can in Wow.

Da Voodoochief

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