Sunday, November 1, 2015

New Video method

I have been rather frustrated with the videos I have been trying to make. I cannot seem to get them quite right even though I have been able to improve what I was making. There were several issues... for example.

1. The video is none standard rez and aspect ratios. This is because some videos I want to create from the Unity3D editor itself. The other videos I created that were better required me to take extra steps of making an actual build to record.

2. I record the videos without sounds in them, I really want and need to make an audio overlay (commentary) for the videos to make them not just more interesting, but also more personal (something I wholeheartedly believe in).

3. When I re-process the videos, even without my audio they become all blurry and indistinct.

I really need a way to take whatever I record and crop the video to allow me to make it letterbox and conform to normal resolutions, such as 720p.


Yes it is true. I can take whatever odd sized and aspect ratio videos I record and can process them in a way that crops them (no stretching or shrinking  is very important). To do this I needed to resurrect an App that I have not used since I worked on the Shaq game 20 months ago. With this newly processed video the video software I use will not rescale it and so it looks great, and though I have yet to do it, the audio should be easy to add (wish me luck).

The Answer.
I process the video using something called Prism, which is a video converter created by NCH software.

In that previous image you can see that I used Prism and set the video reprocessing to Crop. I also set it to create 720p video, which it did very nicely.

Then I loaded the video I created into the video editing software I use. This is called Pinnacle Studio, which can be a bit buggy to be honest, but I love its simplified timeline to edit within. It really needs some more output options nowadays.

Well back to work on the audio commentary now for my latest video.

a Voodoochief

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