Wednesday, November 18, 2015

VBHH - Click 2 Move (Tablet ready)

The above Video I created tonight shows off the Click 2 Move left mouse button control I have just added to the game. It doubles as movement control for Tablets as well, and that is the reason I even wrote it.

I know I should code something else, but seeing the game on a tablet is simply so exciting to me. The first iteration of the Click 2 Move was a bit raw. It would move 100% of speed in the X or Y depending on where Jack was headed. So he tended to move diagonally and then in a cardinal direction to get to his destination. Only this did not feel good and Jack keep getting stuck all over the place. So changing this to variable X and Y speeds solved the issue and now Jack heads straight for the place you want him to go. So much smoother and more natural. I find I don't tend to click places he cannot reach like this too often.

Well, as for the video. I tried hard to add titles and transitions and audio, but alas Pinnacle the editing software just kept breaking. So I got frustrated and just uploaded the raw footage. GRRRRrrr!

Da Voodoochief

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