Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Bought Music, got SFX and more

I bought the Incompetech music a few days ago. For a remarkable 48 dollars I could get everything on the site. Which is ace, even if I only need a few of the pieces of music at this time. I did not get one of the newest pieces that I desire, but I shall go buy that one individually soon.

Now I have the tough job of trawling through something like 1136 pieces of music and flares etc. Yikes! I estimate that would be more than a week of full time listening. Luckily most do not really apply to this sweet and charming bunny game, however ya have to keep ya ears open and your mind as well. At time pieces of music will suddenly jump out at you and tell ya where they should be played.

I also grabbed (not from Incompetech) a few SFX tonight for the 'Zoomy the Porcupine'' minigame. I grabbed the rings sounds from Sonic the Hedgehog, the one where he picks up a ring along with the one where he loses them all. The other SFX I grabbed was of Mario jumping from Mario Bros III. I have used them together in the minigame and now I wonder.... Have I crossed the streams?

Personally I think they sound great together, and if I had a bit more time tonight I would some music to the game.. but that will have to wait. It has been a very long and hard working day for me, merging code and then debugging it.

Ok, done, expect a new video of the Zoomy the Porcupine minigame soon. cos of course the little legs o the porcupines now animate (hard to see though).

Da Voodoochief

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