Friday, November 6, 2015

Very Bunny Haha on Android

Here is a picture of my good old Amazon Kindle, with Very Bunny Haha on it.

Today in Unity Club our task was to create the simplest of projects and get it to download to an Android device. For this we had my Laptop and Khalins phone.

With some fumbling and bumbling we managed to get the Phone set up to allow the ADB bridge to connect to it. Meanwhile I was working with a few of the guys creating the simple App and then trying to get it to create an apk file. It went quite smoothly and within 30 minutes we were trying to upload the App to the phone.

We all cheered when the simple check mark of the App showed up on his phone. I am sure we are all thinking of the power this gives us to write stuff, any kind of stuff for our phones.

This of course is not my first time running my games or code on devices such as phones and tablets. But I have to say I am extremely excited to see my first Unity project on there... and it made me Need to try and upload the same App to my good old Kindle Fire (1st Gen).

Ok, so it took me a bit of time to get it all correct tonight, uninstalling the original driver I had and installing the new one. Eventually just as I thought all hope was lost and was pondering the expense of buying a newer Android device.. it goes and freaking works! Woohoo!

The picture up top of this post though is what I did immediately After the check mark App installed. I tried Very Bunny Haha, and it worked first time (Thanks Unity). And I have to say that the game looks simply stunning... Really impressed at how good it can look. Now of course I am thinking I need to get that point and click interface done sooner rather than later.. haha.. always more to do.

Well I feel I have earned a good nights sleep,
Da Voodoochief

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