Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Field of Horses

I have been working on creating some new areas in the game. This will have a double (at least) benefit as I can make a nice Scene, and also place a special Character or two which will allow me to place more Quests. This will allow me to spread more quests around and make players explore and move more.

This is the start of my new Scene. It is obvious why I called it what I have. I have placed a number of Horses, but I will place quite a lot more, and then I will have a special script to allow me to turn off or flip Horses to face left or right. I might seed this with the Time of day so the Horses move in a sort of predictable way.... Though I am uncertain how this will really look, it could be too haphazard to actually use this method.

I also have to get some more backgrounds or something animating in this scene, but a lot of that will be taken care of once I get the Horses actually animating... oh yeah, they are all static at the moment.

I still need to place the Special Characters and to choose which ones of the numerous ones that Leilani has drawn will go here. In fact it will be a discussion between me and Leilani.

Da Voodoochief

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