Sunday, November 15, 2015

Zoomy gets a Porcupine

I thought I would start writing Blog posts with a picture at the start instead of writing some stuff and then inserting a picture or two. Of course if I have more than 1 picture to post I will still start with a picture and then work my way down. I think will improve the Blog posts a bit. I am sure readers have noticed how I tend to post more pictures now to go with each post as well as I think pictures can say so much.

In the above image you can see that Leilani drew a Porcupine for the minigame, though I am still in need of swapping the Tomato out with something more reasonable. We did discuss what and Leilani wants to go with an egg. As this game has a cross connection to Sonic and Egg could be the best way to go.... Though I am still not sure, perhaps a ring would be better ?

Along with this I bought a Save and Load asset from the Unity store (more on that when I get to work with it soon).

I also tidied up several issues within the game, like the end of Zoomy the Porcupine, which ended as soon as you were hit, no final particle effect etc, but now it ends much more nicely.

It has been a busy weekend off camping with the Boy Scouts, and so it is time for bed.

Da Voodoochief

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