Sunday, October 25, 2015

Zoomy the Porcupine Minigame - pt #1

Here is a screenshot of the set up of the new minigame I have been working on (for Very Bunny Haha). I was at a wedding in Seattle these last few days and as such did not get too much completed. However I did get to work on this for a bit.

Now the game is nearly done, and I will do a video once I have the gameplay finished with... I am actually working on the effects when stuff happens at the moment, and though I am slow at that kind of work, I will get it done soon. Today I have another wedding reception to attend, so that could impact my productivity (hehe).

This minigame is another unique game and it involves Porcupines and currently a Tomato (something else later, like perhaps a beach ball). You must jump the Porcupines as they run around the screen edge.

Once again I have created the game to be easy to play, but if you use skill you can up your score.

Da Voodoochief

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