Thursday, October 1, 2015

Made another Video

So tonight I created another simple gameplay video of Very Bunny Haha. It was a bit frustrating to be honest as I cannot seem to get the aspect ratio correct when I output the edited video.

So instead I end up with it being stretched vertically and blurry to boot. I am going to use this as a catalyst to do much better next time.

Starting with recording in much better (and set) dimensions. This one was recorded in 780 x 404, which is certainly not very standard. Perhaps that is why it wasn't working out for me.

Next up I should record the voice over on my nice headset that I bought a while back for just such a purpose. Only I couldn't do that tonight as my son has apparently been using them and so they are in HIS room.. and he of course is asleep. bah!

Hope you like this off aspect blurry video...

Da Voodoochief

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