Sunday, October 11, 2015

Meeting about the Arcade Games

I had a good conversation with my Daughter today about the current state of the game. This was in the hope that she could clarify some of the many design thoughts running through my head. This meeting went very well and I now feel a lot more focused for the next sections of the game.

I also mentioned to her about the marketing blurb I have been busy working on lately. Some of the best stuff I have ever created IMHO. Following are a few excerpts.

"This is one of the best and most fun farming games you will ever play, and is more fun than you would expect. Planting seeds, watering plants, milking cows, collecting eggs etc, all probably sounds like tedious work. Instead it turns out to be engaging gameplay, all woven together to make the experience more than it's individual parts."

"As you play more of the game and explore, you will find that more of the world and the game will open up. As you progress in this way you will find that you can charm some of the village residents and eventually woo them, with the goal of either having them as a best friend, or perhaps even going on to marrying them."

Ok, back to my meeting with Leilani. We got to discussing how I can more seamlessly bring in the Arcade styles games to the gameplay. I do not want the Arcade games list such as is supplied in Webkinz. Instead I want it to feel more seamless, even though these games are going to be very unlike the world that Jack travels around. I think I have some good stuff to work on now, and so I can go ahead and make the code handle doorways into these arcade games.. Some will be hidden, all will be earned in some way.
 Ok, time for sleep,
Good Night all,
Da Voodoochief

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