Saturday, October 17, 2015

Watergun game pt #3 - Finished

Here is an in game image of the game being played. Once I get a video of the game without the Lag I will post it to Youtube, but until then here are a couple of pics of the game.
This following image is the game as it starts... I realized that I needed to have instructions, duh! and of course I also needed the OK button to allow progression. I also use the same button for the game over screen to jump back to the rest of the game

Now mostly it is all done. Only I have a couple of bugs when going back to the game, namely the players Jack rabbit sort of shuffles along on his butt, and it looks like a dog dragging his butt along the ground. Most odd indeed.

Now back to working on bugs and the rest of the game. (oh it tok about 5 hours I believe to create the minigame).

Da Voodoochief

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