Tuesday, October 29, 2013

iwGameAds is back in my App

As any avid reader of this blog knows. I have become really frustrated by the lack of support for the iAd extension, and also with my inability to build a new library with a modification. So I have been wracking my brain now for several days (ok 2 weeks) as to what to do about this. My quick 1 week game dev is now into it's 4th week, and that is mostly because it is unreleasable without Ad support.

So last night I had a great idea... Why not simply do what I have done before use DrMops (pocketeers ltd) IwGameAds extension instead. I used this more than a year ago when I created HotChicksTheCardGame for Android (ok, I did it for iOS as well but got rejected). Now it has been a while and I am sure some of the Ad suppliers have changed the way in which they send data, which means I either fix them (not sure how), or I simply go with whichever still work. That at least is simply a trial and error job, and one fairly easily accomplished with some test code.

I will mention here why I so badly wanted to use iAd and not simply use a cross platform Ad system like IwGameAds. The main reason is I really wanted all my money to be traceable from one source. In this case Apple. As this has not worked out I will try to spread my App across at least 3 Ad networks to make sure I get as close to 100% fill rate as possible.

The downside of using IwGameAds is that it is no longer supported. So I will have to modify it to bring it up to todays latest SDK. Which isn't too bad in all honesty. Then I will have to find out which Ad providers are still working.

Ok, I'll look into this more tonight I reckon.

Da Voodoochief

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