Monday, October 21, 2013

Marmalade iOS IAd Extension rebuild problems

I don't own a Mac, but I want to develop for the iOS devices. I look at a Mac as something I don't want to learn how to use, I mainly do not want the expense of one. It would be a very expensive toy for me that I would not use a helluva lot. Bit like my iPod really.

So Marmalade is great for developing for the iOS platforms from a PC, of which I have an abundance. So here I am easily developing my new game Heroic Buttons for the iPad and iPhone when I put in the iADs code. Which comes as an extension in Marmalade.

Now the extension is broken, it has been broken for a large number of years it seems to me, since 2009 I think I saw the first comment in a forum complaining about it being broken. Now my problem with it being broken is that the advice for fixing it is to go recompile the extension. Which has to be done on a Mac as that is where the originating SDK is. Sounds easy enough, till you realize I don't have a freakin Mac.

so instead I hassle my friend Paul and get him to download the Marmaalde SDK, then when we try to build the library/extension we get a message saying we need the ios SDK 6.1 or higher.. er... ok, makes sense. Lets go get tat. So off we go and 2GB later we try to install it, only we meet a problem, the problem we eventually find out is that the ios SDK needs Mountain Lion OS, and we are on Snow Leopard. GAH! We don't even know if we can put Mountain Lion on this MacBook.

What I don't understand is two things....
1. How come Marmalade have not got a recompiled fixed version of the IOS IAd library already?
2. Why is it that Marmalade do not offer an extension building service for their own extensions?

I am really frustrated and tomorrow I may email them and ask them what I am supposed to do and what suggestions they have for me to remedy this situation. The answer I am hoping will not be to go spend 1000 dollars plus on an expensive toy.

Good night,
Da Voodoochief

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