Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Heroic Patterns design is ready

The next game design in my distilled gameplay series entitles 'Heroic ____' has been done. I know how I am going to implement it and everything. I am not however sure when I will start coding it. Mainly as there is not much point until I have Heroic Buttons done dusted and sent to Apple for their submission testing.

Whats holding me up?
Well two things, I need some final artwork which should happen real soon now, but the major hurdle and holdup is the stupid freakin annoying broken iOD iAd extension in Marmalade. I have now gone to the forums and asked (ok, nearly pleaded) for a rebuilt version with a fix in it. Until I get the iAd stuff working fully, I cannot really proceed.

I really feel I am hanging on, and am trying hard to figure out if there is someone I know I can bug about getting this rebuilt for me. Only I don't actually know anyone using Marmalade working on a Mac and could do this for me. It seems a bit much to ask someone in the local coffee shop if I could install the Marmalade SDK and the IOS SDK on their prized Mac.

Not sure whats next. I guess I'll give it a few days and then start hassling Marmalade customer service.

Seems so annoying and stupid to me. just fix it and rebuild it, gah!

G'night all,
Da Voodoochief

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