Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Marmalade License is running out

It feels like such a sad day to me. My license is expiring for the Marmalade cross platform SDK.

Why is that sad?

Well I remember all the good times I have had over the last couple of years using this SDK. Using to create a variety of different games for different platforms. It has been good to me and anyone reading this Blog will know that already. Sad to see it expire...

Does this mean I am done with Marmalade then? What SDK wil I be using next?

Well the truth is I will carry on with Marmalade, only I will go down to the 150 dollar version, as I feel the 500 dollar Indie license is currently too rich for my blood. One day when I start making some money from these Indie titles I create I will go back to that version. I do think that it should not be hard to make 500 bucks from all the work I do, yet it appears to be doing a good job of evading me at present. The next title releases will do better I am sure.

So tonight as my license expires I shall renew with a downgrade. Oddly enough there is no downgrade option on the license page, only an upgrade one. lol

Laters al,
Da Voodoochief

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