Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Heroic Buttons is the name

Yep You heard that correctly. 'Heroic Buttons' is the next release from SorceryGames. It is a game busting with what I call distilled gameplay. No longer are you distracted by numerous graphics and massive audio creations. In this game you get right into the action as soon as the game starts up.

In fact when the game boots up you are on the game screen. No title pages to get in the way, no decisions to make about whether or not to see the credits first or read some story. That has all been removed in this title. Instead you get launched into the game screen and from there you can see several tabs on the top of the screen, these allowing the player to bring up the leaderboards or the achievements, or in fact information about the game (instructions and credits etc). The rest of the screen is dominated by 8 buttons, all of which are playable, but have different refresh times after being pressed. From immediately available to a 24 hour availability, there is a large range.

Once in the main game screen the player can easily play the game by pressing these Heroic Buttons that are displayed. The gameplay is simply yet oddly addicting. The idea was that people would try hard to get up the leaderboards and with several spans of time between button activations it should allow both hard core and casual players to participate and be competitive. Amazingly this appears to be the case. For myself I am finding it hard not to want to press these Heroic Buttons and simply make my score higher, regardless of where I am on the leaderboard. It is going to be interesting to see if this simple game, full of gameplay, addictiveness and competition can get seen in the market today.

Yes it will be Free, and it will be Ad supported. I am hopeful that this game could go viral, as I think it is just the right kind of material... and what games creator wouldn't want their baby to go viral haha!

I would have posted a picture of the game, only the artwork is still being finalized.

Da Voodoochief

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