Sunday, November 3, 2013

Nice conversation with Nokia

Last week I received a call from Nokia. A nice English guy named Russel got in contact with me to see if there was anything they could do to help me get more WinPhone 8 apps/games released.

Now as it happens I have not created a windows phone game now in nearly 2 years and that is because I have moved away from XNA and onto the tablets and phones using Marmalade. Marmalade now supports win8phone development if you have the right license. Another detail is that I own and use a windows 8 phone myself and so have the perfect test machine if I was to develop on that os.

The conversation went very well as he had done his research, and he knew my brand, knew what I had created on the Win8Pone and my other creations. This I liked a lot.

The question of what could he do to get me to publish once more on this platform was a bit difficult to answer in some ways. I really only need to own and windows 8 PC to develop on, but I am currently setup in a very stable environment in win7. For me to change and upgrade to win8 will be a pain, and I simply need some sort of incentive to push me to do it.

We never actually came up with an answer, but he gave me someone to contact with my situation and they would see what they could do, and in my case that means giving me enough motivation or reason to upgrade to win8.

Now how many developers get that kind of call I wonder, it was nice I have to say.

Da Voodoochief

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