Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Heroic Patterns Artist and next?

It looks like I might have an artist for Heroic Patterns, and he is talented AND we came up with what we think is gonna be a cool look. Like a circuit board, but more stylish, like Tron. Then make the patterns something to do with resistors.. As I am not an artist I am good with the description and now I can just relax a bit knowing he will do a real nice and tidy job, dare I say artistic job :)

Now I have, or Nearly have this under control I am putting more thoughts to what could be next...

I had lunch with a great mate of mine today called Chris, and what I might do next came up in conversation. I thought I would be doing an Android version of the distilled games, but I always wanted the distilled series to be at least 3 games. so far I have two of course, so do I go create the third? Or do an Android version of the existing two, or maybe I should start doing a few other interesting things like friends list enhancements. This means that as you are playing I will inform you how well your friends are doing in comparison. This is supposed to not only incentivize you to play more, it is also to help you connect with your friends. More social should equal a better experience for the player.

So at this time I have no solid idea what to do next.. Though I am sure it will be posted on this blog soon enough. Maybe it is time for distilled game number 3, the Geo location game?

Da Voodoochief

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