Thursday, November 14, 2013

1 Piece of art, can make a big difference

I have been busy doing more work on Heroic Patterns, currently being worked on for the iOS platforms. Mostly I test this on my iPad, as my eyesight is not as good as I would like it to be, also my fingers are not sharp, haha!

Here is a before picture of the game,
Although I had some reflection in the photograph, it is possible to see many things. From the unfinished title to the rough blending of the patterns themselves.

Here is a later version from last night,
This one, as well as being a better photograph shows just how much can be done with a single piece of artwork from my friend Sean. He made me a circle that alphas out from being solid in the center. This is a white circle and I have used it in a couple of places in the above version.
1. The main place it is used is in the pattern colors, now they blend really well along their length, and I am really pleased with this enhancement. It is as good as I had hoped for.
2. The second usage is the lighting on the active pattern areas. This lighting is using the same image blown up to many times it's size, and it looks like a light is shining on the patterns. I alpha this up when a pattern becomes available.

As you can see this piece of artwork makes me happy as well as shows this game in a whole new light....

Da Voodoochief

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