Thursday, November 7, 2013

Heroic Patterns Screen Layout

I have been busy working on my next game 'Heroic Patterns', which is my second game in my series of distilled gameplay games. The simple idea is to make simple games, by distilling the gameplay I am interested in down to what I think are it's barest essentials. Then anyone can play my game, easily and quickly. No need for complicated instructions pages etc. Just jump right into the game.

I am still working on getting the first distilled game 'Heroic Butons' onto the iOS market, but having a few technical issues with that at the moment. Meanwhile I am busy working on this new game. I need to prove that the distilled gameplay actually works you see. So far so good. Below is a layout of the proposed game screen, only the name is wrong of course.

As you can see I have laid out a number of patterns across the screen. And I think they looks pretty good.... Only, I also want to add on a name for each pattern along with a score for each one. Then the final part that is required is to print on top of the patterns their own timer.. Well now that is pretty messy sounding, and in actual fact it is very messy. I have only a couple of the patterns currently setup and they look very messy with all their baggage. I have no clue at the moment what to do about the clutter.... Still the game seems fun, so I will simply have to sort out the layout. I think I will ask for some layout help from an artist friend of mine.

Have a good one,
Da Voodoochief

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