Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I got me a Mac

It has come time. Time to take responsibility for my own Apple uploads and more.

Yup, I finally did it, I bought meself a Mac. In this case a Mac mini capable of running the latest iOS SDK. This means I can now rebuild the iOS extension at my whim, I can also upload my own ipa files. This last fact is very important to me as my mate who has taken responsibility before for all my iOS uploads has just had a new baby boy. I do not expect him to be concerned with anything beyond his newly grown family.

Now I have to admit that I don't know much of anything about Macs. Yeah I have used them, but so sparingly as to be a none starter. Now I guess it is time learn. First thing I have to do is update the Os, as the one I just bought is currently set at Lion, and I need Mountain Lion, then grab the proper SDK for that build. Also then grab the Marmalade SDK for Macs.

After that.. well, I will try hard to upload the IPA for 'Heroic Buttons'.

It is an exciting time!

Da Voodoochief

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