Saturday, July 13, 2013

Vacation Inspiration

I have only just gotten back from Canada for a works trip that turned out to be a real trial (to get there), but was so worthwhile once we did.

I got to work several cool guys from our employing company and we had a very successful week, as good as I could have hoped. If not for all the internet connectivity issues it would have been near perfect. Still I have just arrived back and yet am about to leave in a couple of days to go to England.

This will be a vacation to remember I hope. My kids were both born in the USA, yet they feel so connected to England as both me and their mum is English, from a place in the midlands called Derby (pronounced Darby). so they get all these Englishisms and affectations. We don't get to go back to blighty anywhere near as often as we would like of course, it is a very expensive business (6K dollars just for the flight tickets alone!). So going is very important. Both me and the wife love our brothers,sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins and of course our parents. this time we are going to give our kids more of a visit than usual.

Normally we get into London and then immediately drive up to Derby and that's about it. This time we are doing more touristy type stuff before we head there. This time we will have a few days in London and also head in an indirect route to Derby.

This is all very exciting and I am quite giddy to be honest. I am also hoping that the rest and the inspiration the vacation will endow me with is going to help me along with al my extra curricular games programming. I tend to find anything inspirational. Though I have to say the inspiration to be more successful is never more manifest than when I visit family. Not because I want to show off or anything, but simply because if I was selling more games I would have more money, and more money would mean more visits to England, or maybe help my family come visit us in California.

Everyone gets their inspiration in varying ways. I am hoping when  I get back that I will be able to use that to my advantage, and finally get a game that is seen and played by hundreds of thousands of players.

Till I get back, my Blog posts are going to be sporadic at best. I will be back properly in August.

Take care,
Da Voodoochief

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