Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Texture Packer Wonder

I know I have talked up the whole Texture Packer and sprite atlas thing. But I have to mention it at least once more. This time it is about the cannot fit feature that the editor employs.

Here I was with a fairly full 2048x2048 texture, when all of a sudden I have a bunch of new graphics to add to the sprite atlas. The thing was that there was so much to add that I had too many pixels to fit into too small an image. Texture Packer showed me I was over by doing it's best fit and showing me a strip of the images that did not fit. This was great as I could see just how many pixels I needed to clean up to get the extra ones onto the sprite sheet.

So I looked at my sprite sheet and started reducing the size of some of the images that were being shrunk when rendered in the game. This allowed to slowly but surely get more of the extra images to fit onto my sheet. I also noticed that a few images were not packing close enough together, and this led me to the discovery of some very alpha'd pixels at the edges of some animations. Needless to say I cleaned up those image borders and then all of my images fit into the sprite atlas.

I really think without such a responsive and visual aid, my job fixing this up would have been so much harder.

And now after you have read that, you know you want it don'tcha.

link to Texture Packer

Da Voodoochief

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