Wednesday, July 17, 2013

28 Levels Done

Hoopfighter has 28 levels in it.

I have now laid out and tested all 28 levels. Phew... Some of them flowed out of me so easily, and some took a lot of persuasion. What I found was that when I an easy one, that another easy one would follow. When I was struggling with a level, I also struggled with the next one. This was a little annoying at times as I am sure you would expect.

Although I didn't quite have the variety of enemy attacks I really wanted, I am very surprised just how many combinations I was able to place into a level and have them feel like fun. And more than that, have them feel different to each other, though some times in subtle ways.

In the end I am rather pleased with the way the levels have turned out and I hope that players will enjoy figuring out how to get through them. This game is not a twitch reaction game though as I first thought to design it. Instead it is now more of a game where the player must learn the patterns, and then the best way to deal with them. Interestingly there are several ways to deal with each level and some are worth a lot more points than others. So this should be great for people after a higher score on a level than a friend.

Next up is to fix the audio, or more correctly put... get some proper sound effects put into the game.

Then I will do the music and I should be done.

Da Voodoochief

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