Thursday, July 25, 2013

Always one more bug

Yep, it happens time and time again. I think I have solved all the bugs in the game, but then I find a new one. Or more likely I find several more while testing the fixes to bugs I just.. well fixed.

I subscribe and wholly believe that any program that goes out the door as complete, is also complete with several bugs. the only thing you can truly hope for is that none of the published bugs are really bad. such as halting game progression, or allowing exploits to render the game worthless.

Oddly enough though...even as I believe that no game goes out without some bugs in it, I also try hard to eliminate all the bugs I can find. And only when I have an empty bug list do I feel good about the state of the game. Odd when I should be paranoid that there still lurks some nasty bug just waiting to come and play, and render my game useless or annoying or simply broken.

As I happens I just finished off my little bug list. I was of course very happy. Then I decided to put the game onto my daughters Android phone. Good move to test a whole lotta stuff out. as it happens it turned up a nasty control bug because of the screen rescaling. A good find and an easy bug to fix. Still it is hard as an independent developer to really get a lot of good testing. It is pretty easy to get lots of sloppy testing. I hope to remedy this with the use of the amazing TestFlight and with that system allowing me to setup a bunch of testers more easily. I will then keep track of how good each tester is (how many bugs they find, and also rate each bug for finding difficulty etc). Then in the future I will have core group of testers to work with, along with the not so core group. It is possible for a tester to find only 1 bug of course, but if they are the only one to find it, then they have a real value.

Happy bug squashing,
Da Voodoochief

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