Thursday, July 11, 2013

Internet deprived

It is very frustrating when you go somewhere and in this day and age I cannot get a good internet connection. My hotel during my current stay in Moncton, Canada has issues. Using some company called iBahn to police their connectivity at the hotel.

It is bad as I use like most people now the internet to connect with my family. also I use it for work and emails. What the heck am I supposed to do when I don't have connectivity. I have been busy trying to piggy back any networks I see around I can connect too. Geez, what a pain in the arse.

Hopefully one day all these places will have their connectivity fixed and working properly and I won't feel so aggravated that I cannot Skype with my family.

Just a complaint post, as what I am connected to at the moment is about to kick me off. GAH!

Frustrated Voodoochief

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