Saturday, June 29, 2013

Not Ready to Kickstarter?

I really feel I am getting close to the point in development where I need real artwork for the game. All my programmer and stolen art is looking and feeling rather disjointed.

However to get artwork I need to pay someone. So my thinking is that if I could use kickstarter to get some money to get the game some real artwork. However... After some serious looking at failed and successful projects I can see that I am not yet ready to do a Kickstarter campaign.

Let me explain my thinking,
  1. People back projects on how they look more than anything else I can see (once they have been made aware of  said game).
  2. My game looks like crap, or close to it right now. Most like this will put people off backing it, rather than seeing that the game is going to be finished and should be a fun shmup.
  3. In this day and age I would have thought video of the gameplay would be enough to get backing, but I am not certain why.. but it doesn't appear to be the case.
  4. You have something like less than a second to make a first impression, so if my current artwork is their first impression, how can I expect them then to imagine my game with glorious graphics?
  5. Along the same lines as the last point.. This is my game and will be the artists game. Why should I expect potential backers to see the potential and glorious looking game I do in my minds eye? This is after all not their baby, or even their focus.
  6. A lot of the backed games that needed money for artwork either had a LOT of artwork to show at the start of their campaign. Or it appears failed. I am sure their are exceptions as...
  7. I do not have enough followers to get enough publicity if it doesn't look amazing. Not enough followers equals failed, unless your artwork can be mentioned by people saying how cool it looks. As for people mentioned how cool it will look, well that is absurd.
  8. So I need some artwork to display for my kickstarter.. Geez. I have a 20 level game already and 8 Aliens that are all sort of like mini bosses themselves.
I will keep working on Space Invaliens and hope that I can figure out how to acquire an artist without breaking my bank. In the mean time I have some work to do on another title and then I'll be back to my Space Invaliens and getting GameCenter in it for the iOS.

Alrighty, that is my thoughts for the day,
Da Voodoochief

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