Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Testing not playing!

I finally got it together!

 After a couple of playtest sessions where I methodically wrote down notes while playing each level. I have balanced the first 10 levels to a ramp of difficulty I am happy with. They are now extremely easy.. but I am now a very experienced player. Hopefully this curve will work well for novice and new players. Of course this got me to try and hook up the difficulty setting from the config page, especially as my mate Jeff was haranguing me about it being too easy. Well I hooked it up and although I had this part planned a ways back, it in fact doesn't appear to alter the difficulty of the levels in any significant way.. I am most perplexed. I guess fixing this will be my next priority.

Then It will be onto fixing a few bugs I noted along the way. booorrring!

But after the bugs I shall get to write more Aliens and more Alien firepowers. Yeeehaw!

Bring it on,
Da Voodoochief

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