Sunday, June 2, 2013

Solar Information 'Profit'

Here is a simple table version of the last several months. This is from when my solar panels were turned on.

Gen kWh bill Solar payment Last Years Bill
25-Sep 23-Oct   93.59   150.78
23-Oct 21-Nov   80.94   132.73
21-Nov 21-Dec 61 52.33 55.4 98.85
21-Dec 23-Jan 95 55.33 55.4 150.95
23-Jan 22-Feb 122 37.65 55.4 117.04
22-Feb 25-Mar 223 19.39 55.4 146.9
25-Mar 23-Apr 299 -9.9 55.4 125.04
23-Apr 22-May -303 -0.38 55.4 142.38

(The Red column is the most important.. It tells you my current bill)

As you can see I am steadily making more kWh as the days are longer and there is less cloud from the winter months. I obviously hope this to carry on and we don't end up paying anything for electricity till this coming winter. Also by then I am hoping that we have some kWh extra from the summer months in the bank.

I like not having to pay anything to Edison each month, and only pay the  American solar Direct lease of $55.40 each month.

I do have a more informative excel file, but I am not sure any more is needed than what is above. Please realize this is a 20 year lease and although the electricity price is constantly going up, I won't have to suffer too much of that with my fixed lease costs, and hopefully never leaving the tier 1, price per kWh.

Da Voodoochief

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