Friday, June 28, 2013

Fraps rocks, but gah!

I love Fraps, it has been my video recording friend now for a number of years. Since I got into XNA and XBLIG development. Fraps was a great buy (and still is) for recording my gameplay videos and development videos directly from the simulator.

Well last night I tried hard to do the same thing in the Marmalade simulator, and though I have done this before, this time I get a yellow flashing constantly. It looks like some kind of clear screen as it is a blank yellow frame. I am not certain at this point how to remedy this, but I was hoping to show some gamplay elements from the now 20 levels that are setup for the Space Invaders inspired game, Space Invaliens.

Hopefully I can sort this tonight by using an alternative openGL rendering setup (Marmalade offers several flavors).

Da Voodoochief

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