Friday, June 21, 2013

Difficulty Dialer is Awesome

I have to admit that some of my ideas come out really well. In fact they really exceed my expectations. The difficulty Dialer in Space Invaliens is one of those ideas. I finally solved all my bugs and now the slider works and the implementation is in and working.

Simply put, I have a slider in the config screen. You can set the game to Zero difficulty(easiest) all the way to 100 (ridiculous). this means you can set it to any integer in between as well. Slowly incrementing the difficulty of the game. as I said, it has worked out so well. The game truly is Ridiculous at a difficulty of 100, and at zero, it is rather boring for me.

I took the value from the difficulty dialer (slider) and converted it to a percentage. This was then inverted and used to multiply with the random drop rates of the aliens bombs. Thus making the higher difficulty reduce the chance of not dropping a bomb (I know that sounds awkward, but it works). So with a multiply value of zero it Always drops a bomb at the basic rate I have setup for each alien.

I also used the same technique on the spawning of the enemies special firepowers. To the same result. The game can now be set to interesting for nay skill of player.

Oh, and one more thing I have to add to this. The incentive to be good, is that I multiply the score you are receiving by the difficulty level divided by 10. So want a high score? Well as you get better that is gonna happen.

Da Voodoochief

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