Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rival game to Hoop Fighter?

I have not really been in this position before, and I am surprised to find I am in this position now.

I have a Rival game, one that has recently been published and one that features Zombies.

Now what could posibly make me call any game a rival game? Is this like the movies where they seem to come in twos and threes. Lets do two movies about Magicians... or several about Zombies.. etc.

In this case my game development does indeed have a rival and although it features Zombies, it also features a much larger than life matchup in the form of Shaq. Yes, he has just had a game released that features himself and Zombies. Where he goes along bashing zombies into.. dust ? The games name is Shaqdown where Shaq gets to take down the zombie infestation.

Here is the link to the homepage for Shaqdown. It has the intro video alongside some gameplay footage.

There are several thoughts going through my head about this rival. Or should it simply be called a Friend game or associate game? Hmm..., lets compare random things I can dream up :)
  1. It is a side scrolling game.. dang, so is mine.
  2. We both feature Shaq.
  3. I had designed  a move called Ballistic, but Shaqdown has something called a freethrow (same result).
  4. Voice acting by Shaq in both games.
  5. Very different artwork style.. phew
  6. Both have an intro video, but Shaqdown is more anim comic than FMV like Hoop fighter.
  7. Shaqdown has Shaq fighting Zombies, some of the enemies in Hoop Fighter will act like zombies :O
  8. Shaqdown is 99 cents, Hoop Fighter should be free.
  9. Both games feature in game transactions.
  10. Shaqdown has most of it's gameplay dedicated to some nifty jumping up and down the 3 platform levels. Hoop Fighter is a single level featuring multiple ways to attack or dodge.
  11. Shaqdown has bosses. Hoop Fighter does not, unless it is successful, then hopefully I will get to add some (I love me some boss battles).
  12. One review mentioned that they though Shaq was a replacement for 'Adrian Peterson' or some major line backer. The review is here.
  13. Damnit they have Zombies... Can I compete with that?
Hoop fighter won't be out for a number of months, so that is why I feel this game is more a Friend or relative rather than a real rival. But I hope it stirs up a frenzy in the Shaq devoted to see more games featuring the larger than life star. Although this won't seriously effect my development, I do believe we will redesign the Ballistic attack feature.

Have a good one,
Da Voodoochief

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