Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy with my Shop?


That is the short answer. I am not sure I am really happy. The information io not like the package list I have on the right side to scroll through. However when I started this I realised I had several options on how to display packages for people to buy. One thing that annoys me in other games is a nice picture of a package, but I cannot tell what exactly I am buying. I of course added a description, so I do not have that exact same issue. I also use the name of the package above it's cost.

So why don't I like what I have. Well It needs graphics for ech package, and when that is resolved I can have them instead in the scrolling list. That will look a lot more professional and interesting I suspect. Thuogh the real question is.. is the scrolling list the real way to do this? I am not sure.

I suspect when I get the real graphics for this screen I might make soem modifications to the buying package list. Maybe make it a stack instead and scroll left/right ona  flick gesture, adn get rid of the arrows. It seems I have some time to research a better or preferable way to do this.

Now I need to get on with maybe the codes screen. As last night I completed the addition of the shop to the in game pause screen.

Da Voodoochief

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