Thursday, February 7, 2013

Menu please

As I previously mentioned I am busy working through menu coding. These menus have been designed now for several months and it's time they worked.

I tend to start on menus when I need them, for the flow of the game. For example when a player dies he needs to go somewhere before being able to come back and start a new level. So I tend to code the Game Over screen after the Main menu page. After that it is what is needed, such as a level select screen, great when working on gameplay for more than one level.

Here is my new screen from yesterday

As you can see I wrote this so I could select one of several levels. The whole screen works including the back button. I enjoyed writing the scrolling name in the window, which as you can see needs to be a bit wider with that sized font and length of place names.
Da Voodoochief

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