Saturday, February 16, 2013

Amazing Video

I have just seen the opening sequence, or introduction video created for Hoop Fighter, it is simply awesome. IU love what I saw and am very excited by it. So what can I do with this excitement?

Well I was excited to do more coding, but also one of my friends asked several months ago if I could do video on the devices. I answered that it will take up a lot of memory or size, but I wasn't ure at the time.

Now after witnessing this video and also I got a comment from my friend Scott... I need to get some of this good stuff in my game for the iPad. I have been playing with the video demo from Marmalade, only it won't work quite right on my windows laptop. But I can try it on the iPad, where it is supposed to use the native video player. I just hope this works, as I see and read a lot of caveats about how difficult it can be.

Time will tell. But if I can get it working I'll even do an excerpt video for everyone to see it working.

So far I have spent an hour on it with no luck on the Pc, so onto the annoying iPad I go.

Da Voodoochief

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