Thursday, February 21, 2013

New 3D Court Floor video

Above is the video of the new basketball court floor. As you can easily see it is so much better than the previous 2D scrolling backdrop. Now I have a nice Full parallax looking floor. I will be adding in the crowd/stands next and the edge of the floor paraphernalia, such as the chairs I had before. I will also be adding some advertising banners. Which excites me, as I can use them to advertise or plug my own company along with the others responsible for the creation of this game.

Exciting stuff for sure.

Oh, I should mention this is the 3D polgon that has a repeating wood texture on it. then I simply move the large Quad/polygons to the left and modulo the movement by the size of the texture, in this case a 512 x 512.

Laters all
Da voodoochief

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