Wednesday, February 15, 2012

OMGoodness I am Interviewed!

Yes it is true, my ugly old mug has made the video from 2 Player Productions. You know, the guys that are part of the Kickstarter Jackpot I mentioned a few days ago. Then again i am sure you have already pledged your 15 bucks to the project (50K people already have :O, which is so stinking cool!).

Oh I digressed. Back to reality... Here is the Link to the video

It is 16 minutes long and it IS a retrospective. Naughty dog peeps are cool and chat about why and how etc. Four of us from Mass Media talked about converting the game. For saying they interviewed me for an hour and a half i am in the video in several sections for a minute or so i suppose (that is not a complaint haha).

I appear first off at the 8 minute mark, and then several times later. I hope you enjoy the video, I thiink it comes across pretty well as do my workmates. Myself i will describe in one simple word... Sincere 8D

Hope ya like it, and also enjoy all the hard work that not only Naughty Dog did when creating the original, but also the extremely long hours we spent converting it to PS3.

EDIT:  I am also in the excerpt that was on last nights G4Tv 'Attack of the Show'. About 30 minutes into the show!
Da Voodoochief

ps. I guess my only gripe is I got the dreary title of Software Engineer.... bah!

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