Thursday, February 9, 2012

DoubleFine is Fine

I know many people will be Blogging about this Viral funding of Double Fine and 2Player Productions new Kickstarter project. However I am still gonna talk about ti a bit, cos i can.

At first I was startled to see they were asking 400,000 dollars for this project. I saw it when they first went live and thought i would invest in that, maybe in a couple of days. As i like point and click adventures i figure it would be cool to play a new one. Though i have my reservations as I do not believe just anyone can make these games and make them fun etc. I also have an issue with the whole Steam service which i know i must/should get over as soon as possible.

Then today I see that the whole project has gone viral. It is all over the web, and I am sure will make headlines on the regular news service. What a shock to see how much money they have, and possible more of a shock to see that about 28,000 backers are pledging over their money. OMGoodness. That is a lot of people. I never realised so many people liked this kind of game. Or are they backing it for some other reason. Now to be honest 28,000 people is not a lot. There must be 20 million users of Steam, and if so, this is just a drop in the bucket. Still, I wonder how many backers are already Steam users as well. Wish i could see that comparison.

But what does this mean for small Indies?
Obviously I would consider Double Fine to be a large Indie studio. Small ones are 1-5 people or thereabouts. So what does this mean ? Well it could mean many things, such as more visibility to other Indie games projects on Kickstarter. It could mean that there will be less money pledged to other Indie game projects now everyone has blown their wad on Double fine. Still, i am also interested in how many of the pledgers are in fact new to kickstarter and this is their first backing. I really REALLY hope it is an enourmous number!

Ok, I sort of let this out already. I am hoping that projects like this brings in a lot of new people who will pledge to games they like. It means there are more people to attract into pledging for ones own projects. Now we just have to be appealing and hope they look around and see us.

What next?
I am hoping that Double fines project keeps on going up in value. I have no idea what they are going to do with all that money. In reality they probably already have a full design for the game and know it would have cost the amount they set. I think they will also have some optional extras that they have designed and 'hoped' to create if they got the backing. Now however it is so ridiculously over the amount they asked for i wonder what they will do. Automatically make a sequel? Maybe they will do a 'Lost' (tv show) and try to extend the game by making it just plain bigger (not always a good move from a story side)

I certainly wish Double Fine and Also those excellent people at 2 Player Productions the best of luck in this grand undertaking.

Laters all
Da Voodoochief

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