Friday, February 10, 2012

Keeping it Recent (Web Pages etc)

Getting people interested in your product, whether it is one you have already finished or whether it is one you are just starting is HARD WORK. do not let anyone fool ya into thinking it is gonna be easy. 'Just write a game on the phone, everyone is buying them', also.. 'I saw on the news that a guy made a mint making one silly game for iOS'.. etc etc.. it goes on. Reality isn't quite so favour some. In fact reality tells us that hard work marketing a game from the start to well after it is published will increase you odds of success, but will not guarantee it. But I digress.

So in keeping with trying to make sure that everything I have done stays current (as best it can). I am reworking my Home Page at . I am not good at doing web pages, i freely admit it, but who else is going to do it? A number of months ago I decided to clean my web page. all that dark purple was nice, but it aged in my mind and looked old to me after a couple of years. So now i have painted it white. It feels like a new coat of paint alright, and I really am liking it. But redoing al the old pages is a pain, and as I am in the middle of doing so many things I thought it would be a good idea to do one more, haha!  I am a glutten for punishment for sure.

So I set myself a simple goal. Just do 1 page a night. I have to say I have been very true to that goal, as i have now done 4 pages in 4 nights. Having just finished revamping the Aceball page. It is now as clean as a new pin.

This doesn't mean i am not also working on the character development for Bob the Frog. Expect an update post about that in a couple of days or so. I am also busy working on my Books for Interactive Reading. I hope to be contacted by my artist soon, and then I hope to get that second book finished up Pronto. If he doesn't contact me in a week or so. I will once again go looking for an Illustrator (downer!).

Till my next post, i am gonna play some Doubles Tennis and heal Horde so they can kill some Alliance in WOW PVP.

Da Voodoochief

 I realised that for all my words, the simple truth is.
 "Even If the Game was not popular or did not sell well etc. You have to publicise it or keep a record of it like it was in Fact a Big title and is still a current Big Deal."

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