Monday, February 20, 2012

Apple Dev sign up, Problems

I wanna be an Apple developer. I wanna develop for Apple iOS platform. I wanna create and port my games for the iPod, iPhone and the iPad.

Alas i cannot do that yet.

When signing up to be a developer for Apple products they have an interesting split screen (application web page) that asks you to make a choice. Create your account as an Individual account, or as a Company account. There seems to be only one difference when glancing at the basic description and help on that page. For me that difference feels rather important. If you are in individual, then the publishers name on your game will be your own. If a Company, then your Company name will appear as the publisher.
 As someone who has been building his brand now for 3 years I feel very focused on maintaining and expanding that Brand. However in this situation things looked bleak. No wonder so many publishers on Apple products appear to be peoples names. I seem to remember somewhere that your name is always legally yours, even if someone else has the same name etc. Whereas a company name can be argued over it's ownership etc. I have NO IDEA why Apple thinks this is important for them to police though. Is this not the responsibility of the individual companies to deal with ?

 However I did several years ago setup SorceryGames LLC, obviously as a Limited Liability Company. Now i did this through LegalZoom, and to be honest I would not recommend this way of doing it. Not for the reasons I am sure first popped into your head. In fact I would not do it this way for a couple of reasons.
1. It costs more to have someone else do your paperwork and filing, though I believe LegalZooms costs were pretty cheap overall.
2. This is the one that matters to me. I do not know a thing about the company I have created. Legalzom did all the paperwork adn told me when i was good to go. So i was Blase about the whole thing, not retaining any useful information at al as far as i can tell about this company.
3. You will never know if you use third party if you have everything you need. Yeah.. you are out of the loop on this one. Having an outside company like this tell you at some point you need to pay more for something, something that you probably have never heard of before.

So not knowing the process of a company is one bad thing. For me i filed away all the peprwork they sent me. Just stuck it into a filing cabinet. Yet now Apple wants me to Fax (yeah FAX in this day and age, like i have one of those! bah!) soem Artciles of Origination to them. Heck i do not think i have ever heard of that peperwork before. I looked through what I have and cannot find it. Maybe LegalZoom have held onto it for me? How the heck am i gonna know 2 years later?

So currently Apple development is on hold, simply because I do not want to publish under my own name.

I am sure this story is going to be typical for a lot of developers, and I am sure some people reading this who are interested in getting into iOS development will find this to be important news to them.

I'll keep everyone updated..

Oh, so far Hot Chicks the Card Game on Android has been downloaded 160 times. YAY!

Da Voodoochief

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