Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leaderboard addition Pt2

Whilst i am still waiting on my company verification with the Apple developer enrollment process I am carrying on working on the integration of Scoreloops Leaderboard functionality. As you have no doubt read already I am finding it very exciting.

Well last night I got to work some more and decided ti was time to clean up some of my code, as with any raw development and coding process it can be a bit messy. So i did this in some small parts, as overall I am not quite ready with how I want it to be set out. So i will wait until i know how best for me to lay out the class etc.

I have the screen up and it collects the User and Leaderboard data and displays it when it is ready. However I am also using the HTTP socket stuff to obtain my Ads. So i think my code is rather busy right now. I do not really know if this is a real issue, or one that will just handle itself with multiple queries at the same time. either way the output text is a massive spam log at the moment. And i don't like that.

I really need to structure when i request my information. After all I am asking for several things sor tof at once....
1. Ads information
2. User information
3. Score list information (global scoreboard range)
4. Buddy list information

I do NOT think it is a great idea to just call all these things at once. So i am going to implement a Queue system and ask for each one at a time.

One difference between my game and a typical Scoreloop enabled game is that all my leaderboard information is on one screen. Whereas they typically have each item on a separate screen, allowing the player to select that type of leaderboard or buddy list etc will fire off the call to get the information. So i sort of need it all at once for my single screen, whereas they can get it in bite sized pieces ordered when the player requests to see it.

I think my Queuing method will work out great and I shall let ya know after tonight when I code it.

So far the only thing I am not sure about is grabbing the Buddy leaderboard and how this might effect my score_list that I have already grabbed etc.

Da Voodoochief

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