Thursday, February 16, 2012

Android missing 'Just In'

It seems a bit frustrating to me that the general populace does not understand games very well. they are under the misconception for example that a good game always does well... erm, no. They seem to believe that people will see your game even if it is crap, well they know lots of  crap games after all (again, they know so few!).

So here I am , a newly published Android developer. My game is now out, and yes, only in one place so far. That place happens to be the biggest portal for Android apps i am told on the planet (Android Marketplace). The reason it is so popular is because this is the default place to get all your Apps from. So everyone can get to this so easily on their phones and devices (except Kindle Fire, which defaults to Amazon App store). And i discover something I did not previously know...

Coming from being an Xblig and Then WP7 Indie developer, I am used to seeing a feature of those App Stores that gives my game an initial chance at doing something, that something being noticed. I have blogged many times about lack of visibility, but on those platforms there is at least a starting chance. I am talking about a list a list that everyone that releases a game makes it onto, though how long before you get pushed off is anyones guess.

The 'New Releases' list, or as it was called on the Android, the 'Just In' list. I say as it WAS called, because it has gone. Not only has it been removed on the Android Marketplace, it seems that Amazon also feel it is not worth supporting, as they have a New list, but it ony has paid Apps on it. an oversight? Or is it because they arenot making money on free apps, only good will. Well with a captured market in the millions now (Kindle Fire) I guess they cna do what they want.

While i was wondering what happened to the Android New releases list, i browsed the web to find any relevant information. Maybe i am just missing some vitally important aspect, like having to register for a new releases list or something. This link is for one of the most interesting articles I found. check it out and I will make several comments after the break about it. Please read the comments section, MOST Important!!!

AndroidPolice - This Just In

hmmm, I really feel I understand all those commenters, all those developers telling their own stories in such succinct fashion. bah!....  Well now you have read that article I assume you now have some idea why the list disappeared. Yet, I think it has nothing to do with spammers. I also when browsing for information came across another article (which i would link, only i cannot find it now grrr. and i am sure it was on !). This article mentioned the fact that these portals make no money from free Apps. and as Free apps are becoming more prevalent thanks to the Ad support getting so much better etc. This article reckoned that the list was removed for three reasons.
1. It made them no money, only cost them bandwidth charges.
2. Free Apps found makes it less likely a person would purchase an app.
3. Now they can sell advertising for your games, as it will be virtually the only way anyone will hear of it.

Now i know that number 3 may seem a bit cynical, and maybe it is. However I also believe those 3 ideas to be the same for Amazon. After all these are big companies working on making money, not just giving away products for free. So it may not be in the best interest of the Portals to promote or highlight free Apps, but as an Indie developer it is a bit harsh. At least Amazon on the Kindle Fire at least has a nice New tab for paid Apps... If only mine was paid and not free i could maybe take advantage. Though i have not monitored this list, so it may possibly not be as honest as it looks.

Obviously i started this post with the general publics perception in mind. The reason is because i wanted to link to that article and in what he says you can read so much about his opinion, and unfortunately i feel it is also the general opinion.

So many people seem to feel that a Developer simply needs to social network FB and Twitter etc and their good game will be popular. I Beg to differ, and it is a HUGE time investment to find lots of followers. Heck ,we want to write games, ot just talk to strangers (unless they have tried our game of course, haha).

So now i am wondering how much it will cost me to advertise my game on Android Marketplace and Amazon App Store (if it gets approved of course).

Da Voodoochief


  1. I like your blog collection.This one of the valuable post.Try to get more this kind of post.
    This kind of information will provide good entertainment.

  2. Hi,

    Well i try to make it interesting,and stuff I find out about I don't like or am surprised always makes it into this Blog. Next up will be an excruciating report on trying to sign up for iOS development. grrr

    Thanks for reading,
    Da Voodoochief

  3. Long story short, In 3 months or so before "Just In" was dumped by the google idiots, I spent easily over $100 on apps I found through "Just In". Since it's been gone, I doubt I've spent more than $10. I don't like wasting time and DIGGING away looking for apps is a waste of my time. Dev's should be updating, and when they do I would eventually see their app with "Just In", if interesting, I purchase and I usually keep the apps as purchases even if I end up uninstalling them. Period. From a customer point of view, they've effectively lost most of my buisness, good work Google. Of course my wife is greatfull as she hated all the purchases I was making.

    Thanks for the article, I was wondering what had happenned and couldn't imagine why they were so stupid. I still don't get it. To ruin good paying customers experience because of scum spammers really stupid.

  4. Hi,

    I am glad you posted this comment. It really confirms something I should have written properly about. It is not just the Devs who are losing out, it is also the potential customers, as now they are not seing so many games at all. Those nice little games that are gems to find etc. Instead they are herded to the lists of games that are already doing well. Putting more money and downloads into the pockets of those that have the money already. It is no wonder there is such a disparity of earnings between the top guys and everyone else.

    I also realized after reading your comment, that on the windows phone, the new releases list is where my wife gets all her new games from (as i do on Xblig). So yeah.. everyone is screwed. Though i also feel this is costing Google money too, unles they make it up by devs advertising.

    Da Voodoochief