Friday, February 24, 2012

AdMob Ad campaign Setup

I have not really read too many accounts of what has happened when people have used the Google AdMob advertising system to advertise theirs Apps. However the ones i can remember I seem to recall were not carrying glad tidings.

So it is without an informed Mind, that I have just setup my first Ad campaign with them. However I am not starting that campaign till the 14th of March.A Date which is exactly 1 month from the launch date of 'Hot Chicks the Card Game'. I will continue this campaign then through 5 days, spending up to 10 dollars a day. Now i have also set my bid price at 2 cents. As i don't have much of a clue what that really means, I guess i will find out. And when I find out, so will you folks.

I am very excited, as setting this up was simply a few clicks of a button. The option on the Android Publisher page is right there next to ya App (Advertise your app!). I had to click it to see what it would do. The next page when setting up the dates for the campaign to run have some sort of bug in them and would not clear away once i set the date. Though this only held me up for a moment or two.

I selected March 14th as it will give me a month of data to go from, and I figure my downloads and average installs etc should maybe have stabilized by then, though hopefully they will still be growing hehe. If my App is stable, then the data I should be able to glean from this campaign could be awesome.

I look forward to showing everyone what difference it makes. I will of course be doing a 1st month report right as this campaign goes live....

If you know any relevant or useful information pertaining to this type of thing, I would love to hear from ya.

Da Voodoochief

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