Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Waiting can be hard

I am waiting for Scott from BlueDreamStudios to get back to me on the Dreamland app i sent his way. He has a few suggestions already which i will try and incorporate what i can. Hopefully when we get to chat we will find a few more ideas to put in.

Now back to why i worry... That MS mandate about games being more than just a video player etc still count (in my mind) for something like this book as well. So i do not want to take that chance. So i reckon i will be adding in my backup plan. Which is to simply make it a Trivia game. This should be simple enough, adn hopefully will allow anyone to get more out of the book ultimately. I am not sure why i never coded it this way from the start, but haha. Looks like i will now, and enjoy doing it too. I just hope Scott likes the idea.

Now onto the Questions..... :)

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