Thursday, November 5, 2009

Scott Rocks

Scott at BlueDreamStudios got back to me today. We had an excellent and rewarding chat about the DLC game and what we can do. My idea of making it into a Trivia game went down well with Scott, and he even came up with a modification.

We are both concerned about distracting a reader from teh book by inserting trivia questions etc. so Scott suggested i put it at the end. This sounds great to me and that would mean i can make into even more of a game. YAY! With Timer and scoring etc. this is an awesome idea.

Trial mode however might be a bit odd. Simply because the 8 minute trial might cut out while the reviewer is still reading the first several pages of the book. DOH! So they may not even get to witness the trivia game at the end of the reading... We shall see if this is aok with Peer reviewers at some point soon i guess.

So for now, i have my direction. Scott also suggested that he can use his readership to come up with the trivia questions, Woot!

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