Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Who shall get the work done? Me ?

Who will push till the product is complete ? Me ?

Who will push to get the best ? Me ?

Who will do the Coding, the Art, the Audio ? Me ?

Who will revel in the glory of a finished game ? Me ?

It seems the answer is me....

I feel alone today. Working on this current project all by myself. Trying hard when i get the chance to engage other people, such as my wife or friends. My friends that all want to do something in the industry do not appear to want to do it with me. As i have talked to so many of them about joining the fun, the cause. I still find myself alone. Doing all the jobs, and trying hard to do them well, and in a reasonable amount of time.

It must be me, as I have talked to so many capable friends, but nothing has really worked out. I am the common denominator, so it must be me.

Yes, My friend the artist for Pellmell and Aceball is awesome and will remain so. He is now busy and with a full time job.

The real question is a two parter...

Will i find a cohort ? Or will i run out of steam first ?

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