Saturday, November 7, 2009

Trivia challenge ahoy

So here i was going to thread the Trivia questions into the book every so many pages or so. This sounded great, but had me concerned that it would distract the reader from reading. Still, it seemed like a good macth when all i really wanted was a book on the Xbox.

I told Scott of the idea and he had the same concerns as me. He seemed to like the idea of the triva, but then Whammo, he came up with a modification that was sweet. We just let you read the book, and then ask questions later. The Questions are all about the book of course.

This makes the Trivia challenge not interfere with the reading of the book. Which is great. Now i am coming up with what i need for what is effectively a Triva program. It could be a trivia program even without the book. To make it effective it needs to be able to stand alone. Oh oh.. Now we are talking writing a new app effectively. Ok, so the bottom line is I am now doing twice what i hoped to at the start of DLC. Dang!

I estimate about 10-12 hours minimum for the Trivia part of the application. Then i have to seamlessly add it to the Trial mode as well, which won't be straight forward.

So i have my solutions, but i also seem to have a Lot more work to do. And this doesn't feel good for what was supposed to be a Quality quick application.

See how the world changes right before ya eyes ?

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