Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Playstation Home

This is an odd place, so much dead space.

We at Mass Media are trying hard to change all that. the current Scene we are working on (top secret) is going to open a lot of peoples eyes to what can be achieved in a Spcae for Home. This makes it quite exciting to work on, even if it is in one of the most restrictive environments ever created.

Now if only they would get rid of Lua (not gonna happen of course), and let us save to the Hard drive. haha

Anyway, this new space is exciting for it's levels of interaction (10 minigames at the moment!), and it's Spectatoring (is that a word ? sounds like potatos with glasses on, lol).

Ok, i am done now, not much more i can say at this point. But maybe soon i can say more? time will tell.

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