Monday, November 16, 2009

How do Bumble bees fly ?

I don't know the answer! At the moment i am not sure anyone does. I do know that people stufy this phenomenon and write articles about it. There are other mysteries and hard to understand things going on all around us. If only we see them, if only we take notice.

These strange things are very interesting to me from a coding standpoint, in fact probably from design too. The main reason is... If you put a bumble bee in your game, how does it fly ? what kind of algorythm are ya gonna use ? If ya do it a normal basic way, or in fact many normal ways, it will not quite feel or look right. We inately know when that kind of thing is wrong as well of course.

So i find myself taking notice and studying all sorts of things that probably make me a strange person. But a normal coder who wants to do his best.

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