Thursday, November 19, 2009

Questions, questions.. And answers :o

So finishing up Dreamland Trivia Challenge means that I need a stock of Questions to ask. I want a good number ranging from easy and obvious to hard and more subtle.

It is not a job I have ever done before and man was i slow a couple of days ago. Still i find as i look for more questions from the book, i am finding them easier and easier, just showing that practice will make one better at something. Even if that something did not seem hard to start off with.

Still i have 100 pages and need at least 200 questions, so i need to maintain an average of at least 2 questions per page. yeeouch!

I found this so hard at first, but now i seem to be flowing the questions out.

Ok, so how many am i on now ?

25 :o So a bit of a ways to go. But perseverence will win thru for me!

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